Over dinner, Gloria and I got into a, shall we say, lovers' quarrel. The topic: Who has more slash fiction devoted to them, Harry/Ron or Kirk/Spock? Gloria was for Kirk/Spock, just because of their tenure as slash bait. I voted for Harry/Ron. As Ellen put it, possibly more competently, Harry/Ron fans probably have more presence online, and more of a shared, obsessive, and possibly homo-interested community.

So here we go:
Google search for the two names, followed by "slash fiction":
Kirk/Spock: 119,000
Harry/Ron: 73,100

Google search for the two names, followed by "slash fic":
Kirk/Spock: 121,000
Harry/Ron: 26,400

Google search for the two names, followed by "slash":
Kirk/Spock: A whopping 660,000, the first one of which is the wikipedia article devoted solely to the slashfics.
Harry/Ron: 73,900. Wow. Poor showing., M or higher rating, with the two characters:
Kirk/Spock: Only 19!
Harry/Ron: 639
There are actually more stories on about Janeway/7of9 than there are of Kirk/Spock.

On the other hand, the Kirk/Spock fanfiction archive has quite a few mature stories, but still, I think, under 400.

I suspect that the is too young, and the K/S audience too independently dedicated to go on an aggregate site.

I'm out. As a parting shot... did you know someone has actually written Pearls Before Swine fanfiction? WTF.


Following a recent trend, I'm still alive. About to move in with Gloria.


For anyone who used to watch the old X-Men cartoon, you NEED to go download and watch "Wolverine and the X-Men". KT, this is esp. for you: it sets up the Age of Apocalypse, bitches! It's dark, inviting, Scott is actually INTERESTING and not always a total boob. (All right, he does whine about Jean a lot, but he does it in a badass fashion. (Line from Bobby: "Dude, you losing control took out half of Sinister's guys! Maybe you should lose control at the Brotherhood?" Kitty: *elbow to the ribs*). Gambit's accent is PERFECT; so is Nightcrawler's, and he and Wanda Maximoff have a THING.

It is the BEST.

This was my first post in 6 months.


I wrote a letter to the editor of the Washington Post.

Maybe it will be published?....... Maybe not. XD

This is in response to a link I found via the RSS feed of the DCist.

As a twenty-something career woman who spent her formative years in Northern Virginia, I've had my share of relationships, and as the years have marched on, I've been dumped plenty of creative ways. Over the phone is popular, but over email, in person, even text message. Each method is heart-rending and causes that swell of emotions: denial, anger, whatever else leads up to acceptance. But never, never have I been dumped alongside my entire region on national television by a talking head.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a natural-born Asian-American whose parents came to this great country for graduate school. I attended the governor's magnet school for science and technology, which US News and World Report declared was the best high school in the country. I later went to the University of Mary Washington, the happy child of Fredericksburg, Virginia. While I was there, I played the ghost of James Monroe two years in a row for our community-wide Halloween tour. I danced with Civil War reenactors at our annual Victorian Ball. I have lived in Herndon, Fairfax, Falls Church, Reston, and currently Arlington.

Now, let me tell you about us. As of September 5th, 2008, we had over 650,000 registered voters in Fairfax County alone. And let's not be dismissive of Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties: after all, people commute into and out of the city to work. We have beautiful parks, great school systems, wealth that extends to statewide projects, and we house large numbers of every demographic you can think of. All in all, I'd say that NoVA is pretty great, especially if you want a ton of work, good wages, diversity, and excellent restaurants.

Between the all of us, I can't see why you would want to dump us, but I understand. Sometimes, this happens, and I guess we're high-maintenance. I understand the other guy has been courting us with much more money and effort. But hey, do you really have to call us names? First, your vice presidential pick declares an amorphous "real America," which apparently our latte-sipping arugula-eating population is not a part of. Then, your brother came out to the county I work in and called us "communist country." I'll have you know that my family is Taiwanese, and my grampa fought the communists. As a man who fought in the Cold War, would you want your grandchildren hearing someone call you a communist? I think not. Many Asians came to this country hungry for the freedoms that America would give. I don't take communist jokes or comments lightly, and neither should you.

But that's fine. It was an off-hand comment. Maybe you'll repudiate it at some point, maybe you won't. It's a busy election, after all. But having your crony declare twice, whole-heartedly on your behalf that we are not "real Virginia" is shameful. I can rattle off more facts about the battle of Fredericksburg than you would care to listen to. I can dance the Virginia reel. What's my favorite root beer? Dominion Root Beer, based in Ashburn. We support local farms, we attend local churches, we love our cities, states, and countries.

When I was in high school, my AP Government teacher, a staunch republican, told us that despite the mistakes of the Bush administration, you, John McCain, were a hero, not just because of our service to our country in war, but because of your service to our country's ideals, particularly in your campaign finance reforms. Now that my blind date is over, you go behind my back, make fun of me at rallies, then sent Nancy Pfotenhauer to judge me on MSNBC. Yeah, you may have had to leave us, Senator McCain. Sometimes, these things just don't work out. But next time, I expect you to stand in the heart of Northern Virginia, look us in the eye, and tell us that we're not "real" enough for you.

Before the last debate and the step-by-step descriptions of yours and Senator Obama's respective economic plans, I was undecided. Now, I am extra-decided to vote democrat, and I will urge the rest of Fake Virginia to do so too. Maybe come November 4th, you'll be able to close your eyes and pretend we don't exist, but trust me: our votes will be real enough.

Betrayed in Ballston,
- Josephine Fu


I haven't posted in months. :O


So you know how hippies stereotypically have gross smelling farts? Well, our kitties for weeks had been waking us up with gross poops, which had been abominable smelling. Even when Quinn managed to cover it up, it was still gross for at least five minutes, and one of us would have to drag ourselves out of the bed in order to cover it up or turn on the fan. I proposed a week ago that perhaps the cause is because we are feeding our cats expensive hippie food, and they were having hippie poops.


It's true. We switched them to Science Diet on Friday, and our house smells clean and happy again. VICTORY IN OUR TIME.

In other news, I purchased an iPod Touch and almost constantly playing tap tap revenge when I'm in the bathroom. Also, Ryan's dad got married, I talked to Sandy's librarian friend for hours, and Ryan and I had an argument about his sister. But it's all okay, because Ryan is very sweet. I've been playing too much Warhammer Online, and I am (not so) secretly proud of my level 23 White Lion. I'm constantly sleepy. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks, working with David. That's kind of cool. Soon, I will do another round of egg donation again.

That's all.

Mostly for Sfofie.

This was the description of a recent woot for a 700 dollar laptop:

ANTINOUS: Penelope, the time has come. You must choose a suitor.

PENELOPE: Never! I await the return of my husband, the brave Odysseus! I have kept his HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook the very way he left it!

MELANTHIUS: Penelope, see reason. No one wants a laptop like that these days. Not even that old beggar over there next to the swineherd.

PENELOPE: The one wearing strangely fashionable rags with little owl logos?

MELANTHIUS: That’s the one. Even he won’t want a HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook! Let go of your husband’s memory, to which you cling foolishly, and choose a new lover!

PENELOPE: Foolish, Melanthius? Perhaps it is you who are the fool. My husband’s HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook has an HDMI output with VGA and can easily work with an HDTV. It contains a 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet with 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN and 56k modem and an additional DVD RW/R, DL RW/R and CD-RW/R with lightscribe optical drive.

AGELAUS: Yes, yes, and a 160 gig hard drive he carved from an olive tree, we’ve heard all this, Penelope, at least a dozen times.

PENELOPE: So impatient, strong Agelaus. Did you also know, then, about the full sized keypad? Would you dare to say that your laptop has a full sized keypad?

CTESSIPPUS: Choose a suitor, Penelope! We grow impatient!

PENELOPE: Very well, Ctessippus. I will choose. I will choose any man… who can lift my husband’s HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook!


ELATUS: Is she nuts?

ANTINOUS: Penelope, that thing weighs like seven and a half pounds, come on.

MYSTERIOUS BEGGAR: I will try, m’lady.

PENELOPE: As you will, m’lord.

DEMOPTOLEMUS: Who said that?

CTESSIPPUS: Was that the beggar? Don’t we know that voice?

AGELAUS: Hey, doesn’t that HP Compaq 8710P 17” Business Notebook have a fingerprint scanner?

EURYMACHUS: Fellas, I think we’re in some deep crap here.

ANTINOUS: Hey, Odysseus, we were just kidding around, you know, we all knew it was you the whole time, man. Hey, how about we use that 5-in-1 Card Reader to look at the photos from your trip, huh? I bet you were doing a lot of great stuff while you were… hey, now, hang on a second with that… um, if anybody knows where my sword went I could use a little help here… hey… HEY ODIE CHILL OUT DUDE COME ON SERIOUSLY

For Ellen.

Just because I was thinking about it.

"So you think you have the yips, eh!?," he asked with enthusiastic sympathy. But Regan detected a note of question, as if John was tactfully wondering what she meant by "yips," why there was pus oozing from her elbows, and whether or not she was contagious. (She was.)


... Sometimes, your friends weird you out, some in the good way, some in the bad.

Sometimes, your boyfriend calls his friend for help, just so he can buy you flowers in the colors of Charlemagne's banner.

Oh, wait. That is me. Not you. Sucker.

Teehee. I has a flowers.

Happy Barfday, Georgie! Yesterday!

Just something I was playing with.

"Today, my normal place ran out of both nutmeg and infant extract. I had to get a plain latte, and it just wasn't the same."

"You know, I hear that franchise uses artificial stuff. You should really try the place down the street."

"Ugh, maybe I should. If I'm paying six dollars for a latte, I want that rich taste of real infant."

Fragile Little Things

I have been in a tiny world of spaz for the past week which has made me worry, oddly enough, about how I'm going to behave as a mother.

Basically, Quinn is tiny and full of gross poops, which has made me trowel daily through her cat box seeking treasure and peace. Hint: I have found none. She's behaving in a kitten-like fashion which is good, but the degree of my worry is what freaks me out. If I hear her using the box when I'm about to go to sleep, I target lock onto it, like a science-fiction missile launcher, and I give serious thought to dragging myself out of bed in order to go investigate her latest leavings.

This doesn't bode well for me, does it?

I thought at first that she had grown addicted to sleeping near my face, but I'm beginning to have suspicions that she and my memory foam pillow are having some kind of affair. Yesterday, I was lying on my bed and playing Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Quinn, after a bit of fussing, sat docilely at my elbow, only every once in a while getting too excited and biting the DS stylus out of my hand. But eventually, she started being a wriggle creature, and wouldn't stop making a ruckus until I let her lie on the pillow directly under my chin. Eventually, I was sleepy, my neck was sore from holding my head up so as to not crush her tiny kitten skeleton, and Quinn had watched me beat the Temple of Air. No, I'm serious. She watches. She can't always follow the action on the screen, but she's definitely tracking the little Link head on the minimap as that moves.

... Yes. I'm pretty sure it qualifies as the cutest thing ever.